A unique radio in the midst of independent networks, RCC.
Every day of the week, RCC gives its listeners the opportunity to enjoy the most recent (even less recent) record releases, covering a wide range of genres, mostly out of the Top 40 area.
Rock 'n' Blues Today, run by the DJ Simone Bargelli, talks about the history of past and present blues scenes.
Once a month, I have the pleasure to do a program with Simone.
For the occasion, Rock 'n' Blues Today becomes "special", focusing on single musical topics, such as jazz, single artists, fifties rock'n'roll, doo-wop, record labels, rhythm'n'blues etc., reaching a number of loyal "aficionados".

My passion for Blues music and it's culture made me decide a few years ago to try and propagate this to others. In doing so I hoped that they could share with me these sounds, images and atmospheres so dear and familiar to me.
To tell the truth the birth of the program Rock 'n' Blues today has a rather unusual story:
My never ending phonographic material spurred me into making the decision to listen to the records that I bought more carefully.
I knew that the radio station RCC was looking for a D.J, so the idea came to me to propose a radio program on the Blues. This of course was going to help me in my quest to listen to all my records!
It was a chancy decision for an italian radio station even a local one like Radio RCC, to air a program entirely dedicated to Blues. So for me it acted as a great incentive and for the administrative part of Radio RCC, it was a great risk.
The 21ST.of March 1989 at 11pm the adventure started!
It still continues to this day with its two weekly appointments, tuesday and friday.
Of course a lot has changed since then but the passion and dedication with which our team of people work has remained unchanged since that first evening.
In all these years Rock 'n' Blues Today, the name of the show, (courtesy of an old school friend) has grown and has come up against many difficulties but it has become known earning great approval from the listeners.
The show's characteritics are: a great attention placed on the Blues of the new generations, with a focus on bands which aren't that well known here in Italy, as well as playing the old blues masters. Therefore, the Blues, is played in all its forms.
Apart from constantly listening to this type of music, I have always tried to give as precise information as I could to the listeners on the music and musicians they were listening to, so that they could acquire them without too much hassle.
Since the start Rock 'n' Blues Today has periodically given great space to some monographic episodes dedicated to those artists showing the various changes and evolutions Blues music has gone through; at the same time trying to satisfy the listeners requests.
In these last two years there has been the contribution of Roberto Giuli to the show. He is one of the most important Blues journalists of this type of music, known nationally also because he writes for Il Buscadero and Il Blues: montly magazines regarding this genre and more….
He has collaborated particularly on the monographic shows, making it a more qualitative product.
More than ten years have passed since I started this show, so an owed and sincere "thank you" goes to all who have believed in this project; to all the musicians that have been so helpfull when I met them at festivals and concerts; to all recording labels and their artists that have given us their constant support; to Roberto for his great knowledge, experience and friendship.
A very special thought goes to all the people that listen to the show. Without their support and affection none of this would have been possible. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Simone Bargelli